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Installing a smoke alarm system in your home is not just an investment in terms of complying with the current IEE wiring regulations but an investment in your peace of mind and your family’s safety.

Below are the typical types of smoke alarm systems we recommend and regularly install:

1) Hardwired – Interlinked System

This system is a hardwired system that has its own dedicated electrical circuit at the consumer unit, it ensures that all detectors will never ‘run out of battery’ as they are fed from the electrical supply the whole time. The only time the backup battery in the alarms would be used would be in the event of a power cut, so there’s no worry or hassle of changing the batteries. All alarms on the smoke alarm circuit are also interlinked, this means that if one of the alarms were to activate they all do to ensure you will hear them!

The rule of thumb for these alarm systems is to install a smoke alarm on each level of the house (downstairs hall and upstairs landing), a heat detector in the kitchen to detect any heat from a potential fire and a CO2 detector near the boiler to detect any carbon monoxide. With this system in place you would be alerted very early if there was ever a fire at the property giving you time to vacate the property safely. It really is the best fire/smoke detector system you could have in your home

2) Hardwired – Radio Linked Smoke Alarm System

This system is similar to system 1, but is used more as a backup or substitute to system 1. This system can be used when routes/access to the consumer unit or between smoke detectors is limited. With this system you would install the same number of detectors in the same places as system 1 but they do not need to be interlinked in the wiring sense or have their own designated circuit at the consumer unit, all each alarm requires is a permanent feed form a local lighting circuit, the detectors are then linked together through radio waves after a simple programming procedure.

Whichever system you require our expert staff will carry out the installation with minimum disruption and hassle. We are more than happy to offer further advice to help you decide which system would be best for you.

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